María Elena Rodríguez-La Rosa

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María Elena Rodriguez - La Rosa

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Art is a means to express what we feel or have experienced during the time of our existence. Using different techniques and materials we can transmit what we feel, live and observe in our own, distinctive way.

After examining ourselves and meditating, the details of our existence and the existence of the people around us, strong feelings emerge that allow us to convey them into the creation of art. But not without the necessary studies and effort that is required to adequately communicate what we desire.

Experiences recorded in our personality enable us to become storytellers of our own ideas and the ideas of others. In my case, I am fortunate that through my travels, I have met many people and learned about many cultures that have inspired me and have enriched my personal anecdote.

To communicate in our work, the time we are living and show others the differences that exists with people is an ideal that has led me to different paths in life.

Art is the mirror of the soul… of your soul and mine… of our gaze.

María Elena Rodríguez – La Rosa

Photo: Adolfo Ibáñez Santa María

2015 – 2000
The Artist have been travelling the last fifteen years to different countries at Africa, Asia, America and Europe, to be able to study the local Culture of each special place she decide to visit, and in this way be able to add this knowledge to her future Exhibitions.
Her studies are directed to the Mythology and Religions,and also to the daily life, custom and ancestral tradition that are still alive, in combinations with the ones that are use in our time, with a mixture of the present and the past times.

The artist had a workshop in Stockholm, Sweden, as a member of the KKV, Artists Association in that city. Similarly he worked in his studio in Beijing, China. Dedicated to the Teaching in his workshop (Lima, Peru).

1997 – 1991
Creation, Direction, and Conduction
Atelier of painting, drawing and sculpture
Guide to the formation of young and adult artists
Lima, Peru