María Elena Rodríguez-La Rosa

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María Elena Rodríguez - La Rosa

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María Elena Rodríguez-La Rosa was born in Chancay, Lima, Peru. She is the daughter of Ricardo Rodríguez–La Rosa Bermeo and Ana María Carrillo Mejía, and showed great inclination towards art since childhood.

Her paternal grandfather Ricardo Rodríguez-La Rosa Godoy and her greater grandfather, Ricardo Rodríguez-La Rosa Villalonga were also artists who worked in photography and painting. The field of ceramics was the area that relatives on the maternal side of the family were involved with.

Her primary art studies were during the 1980’s, and in 1989 she had her first significant exhibition.
Since then she has continued to exhibit her work in various countries, and also study the issues that she considers relevant to her next exhibition.

Malena or Mále, as her friends call her, studied painting in Lima, Peru in the ateliers of Italian artist Gina Vali, and drawing with the recognized Peruvian sculptor, Christina Gálvez.
Subsequently she studied sculpture with Margarita Checa and acrylic painting with Leslie Lee,both renowned Peruvian artists.

The last 20 years have been dedicated to researching materials and techniques in art as well as in the field of Ancient cultures and their influence on contemporary societies.

Malena is also interested in all issues related to the influence of mythology and religion in societies.

Since 2000 she has lived in various countries in Europe and Asia, which has allowed her to closely familiarize herself with their unique cultures.
This has inevitably enriched the knowledge and spirit she transmits through her work.

Malena has represented her country at various important exhibitions in Peru and abroad, thus gaining greater recognition for her artistic work.
In addition to her interests in travel and gaining knowledge of other cultures, she is passionate about teaching,and conducts classes at her atelier. This allows her to convey and share the broad range of information and skill she has accumulated through experience.

Also devotes her time to social assistance, being a member of WICO (Women International Coalition Organization).