María Elena Rodríguez-La Rosa

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Enhorabuena por tu trabajo, es muy interesante y de un gran valor artistico
Mark Kostreba
Artistic. Stunning. Captivating. Creative. Original.
Randy-aka Gowide
Charles A. Patterson from Tejas e Dallas
Incredible complexity to your charcoals & acrylics, I enjoyed your work here but your sculptures were absolutely stirring for me as in one's soul. I felt more passion coming from your sculpture, more emotion. When I feel it inside is when any form af art appeals to me & both your "Torsos" and "Couples" groups deeply affected me.
Andre Torres
Excelentes trabajos.. Te felicito tu arte es bastante inspirador y refleja tu energia interna asi como tu exquisita sensibilidad. Nuevamente felicitaciones Espero que algun dia nos des la dicha de tenerte por Australia
Martin Pettinger from Somerset in the SW England
Very impressed with your work and the lay out on the web site very user friendly. I would one day like to see your work, do you have any in england?
Ray from florida
very nice paintings and sculptures
Stephen Niezgoda
i found the paintings to be more piercing and probing, perhaps because of the eyesas a fellow artist, i appreciate both forms and feelings very muchthank you very much, and may your angels keep watch over you. Stephen
Mel Roy from Canada
I found the presentation quite different and in many ways exciting. Here we have an artist expressing herself and projecting probably her deepest emotions. The sculture of the woman give me the impression that Maria Elena is relating a feeling or an emotion however, I am not certain what that would be. Would be interesting to know. Mel
Randy Molina
I thought this was a wonderful presentation! I enjoyed this very much !
bubuwit- Enrico
Very nice painting.....I like"em too much !!
Ada A. Nolet-Hendrikx from the Netherlands
I love art, specially this kind of art. Our friend creates the same kind of art. Wishing Maria Elena good luck in making more beautiful art to make people happy. With love
Zoran Marjanovic from Sydney Australia
I have seen various works by various artists, but rarely have I seen an artist that expresses themselves in various forms of art art as you do. Congratulation on what I consider to be an excellant collection of art. I would love to know if you will exhibit in Sydney. Please let Arthur know and he will pass on the message.
Brigitte Wilkins from Sydney
Very interesting, I love how you use "The Eye" in alot of your work. I feel it shows maybe how you see things. I definatly draws you into the picture, it was my focal point.
Jack Demaio from Sydney
I thought it enchanting