María Elena Rodríguez-La Rosa

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Your art is very nice.
arthur from Australia
you are lovely and so is your art
Adrian Champall from Sweden
Wery nice site Malena
Calvin Sault
In my rest and quite time I search for art that will sooth my nerver. Enjoyed my visit love to all the world
Torben Boergesen from Denmark
Dear Maria Elena #malena# Am I impressnever had I thought I d spend so much time enjoying a site with art as I have done from first time you told me aboute this! Your skilland the way you lead one inside a world filed with a touch of your cultureand a wide specter of colours and life...that is a pleasure to see... Also you have managed to make this site so attractive, easy to find way and artistic set up...a thought of mine:...your work would be a good compliment among some of the artist here in Denmark - Skagen...I d be pleased to show you when you come to Scandinavia :-?)) Bravo Maria Elena Your ICQ-friend Torben... #wilhelm Tell#
Mike from Vancouver Canada
Bravo Maria... I find everything I see in your site excitingI hope to watch it get better as time pa I am very glad. I met you
george from greece
i can only make a wish....I wish to God to keep you healthy,and happy.The rest are easy to find in life. You are Unique, and gifted
Angel from Chile
María Elena, te felicito!! por tu web page, deja muy en claro la gran artista que tu eres. Recibe un gran abrazo.. Angel
Bob Blumentritt
Your work is beautiful and inriguing at the same time. I love your use of color in the sculptures. Your angels are umlifting to view. Your painting and the styles and materials you use is truly awesome. I feel privileged to have seen it and hope to see it in person some day soon and meet you. Thank you for your great artistry
Rudy de groot from Australia
glad that i have been able to meet you, it is a pleasure to chat with you and wish you all the best in the future and that one day we get to meet and drink that cup of coffee in australia, it has so nice to meet you and get lots of fun chatting with you over the future. Lots of good luck, Love Rudy
Joe Smith
It was a great pleasure meeting you.
Alfredo Troncoso from Chile
De tanto escuchar a Mozart, Beethoven, al rom?ico Schubert y emocionarme con Puccini, mis ojos estaban adormecidos. El destino me ha permitido disfrutar de tu maravillosa obra, de escudriñar en tu arte fino, veraz, genuino y brillante. Gracias Maria Elena, mis sentidos y espiritu ya estan completos
Rudolf Frank from Alemania
Hola Malena, ahora entiendo, porque estabas tan contenta, cuando terminaste tu página. Te felicito por tus obras y todo el esfuerzo que has metido en este proyecto. Saludos y mucho éxito! Rudolf
Sven from Sweden
Hi Malena, I visited, looked and liked it! When it is cold here, I get warmer watching your websiteThanks for sharing
Roberto batista
Ya ves, Malena, que no me equivocaba al decirte que, al conocer tus escultuas hace algun tiempo, me converti en tu mas fervoroso fan. Los comentarios de este libro de firmas confirmas con crecer mi opinion contigo para siempre. Rob